Choco-cherry cupcake

Ferrero Rocher cheesecake

Choco-Nutella tart

Choco-raspberry tart

Double chocolate

Choco-soufflé cupcake

Honey heart cupcake

Jaffa cupcake

Milky way cupcake

Rum bars cupcake

Choco-cheese mixed fruits

Choco blackberries

Choco almond-walnuts


About Us

The scent of chocolate, overbrimming the warm bowl and tucking itself in paper baskets, thronging among the pieces of fresh fruits, making its way to your sense of taste…that’s just one of the scenes at our workshop. Creation, Love and Creativity is a place where our little products ensue and where you are always welcome.
For the first time, always and forever.


You wish to spend relaxing afternoon or morning with your friends, drinking coffee and tasting cupcakes, maybe celebrate your birthday or a very special date in your life? Some of the gatherings or celebrations can be arranged in a pleasant ambiance and relaxed atmosphere of our shop.
For further information or arrangement, call us or come into our shop.


Planning a party or a celebration?! All the important dates you wish to celebrate can come with a note of taste, style and originality.
You can choose mini cupcakes, from our sweet and salty assortment that will enthuse your guests with their flavor and looks.
Of course, our other products can also be a part of your catering


We have been creating our products for a long time and with care, prying all the potential ingredients, testing combinations until we came to what they are today.
Cupcakes were creative foundation.
After that, other products have emerged spontaneously.
Pie. Tart. Quiche. Cheesecake. Cake pop.
And flavours? Come and try, it’s easier!